Top 50 Child Bedtime Stories to Make Night Entertaining

It is very difficult and rare that you child didn’t want fun and joy all the time whatever the child age is, child bedtime stories always give fun and joy to your child. Reading stories, plays vital part in every child grooming from early childhood to teen ages.

Child bedtime stories importance

Another day passed away, another night when your child didn’t sleep? O, mom please don’t worry this happen to all children and all mothers are worried about the kids and moms are not able to do the home word like home cleaning etc.

Child bedtime stories

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But don’t worry moms, child bedtime stories give your child full night sleep and also entertainment. Moms do experiment and they make story reading part of his life for the children. They feel very effective change in child sleep timing.

prince and princess


A healthy and good way to tell a story to your kid is to draw and put paintings on wall of child room which gives good filling to the child during story time. It is not necessary to use self-created pictures; you can use pictures from internet.

Best child bedtime stories

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How to read story

It is very important to read story with expression, feelings and imagination. It always built entrust in child to listen story and make the story more entrusting. You no need to collect lot of books, no need to make libraries at home. It all depends on the way to telling a story to your child, whatever the story topic is.

Some important story reading tips are:

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  • Stop and pause during story reading is very important.
  • Head movement is very important in story reading.
  • Timing in story reading is an important factor to make a story entrusting.
  • When child react in story any phase allow him to express his feelings.

child bedtime stories

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Every child have unique demand of story to listen because every children have different nature, so at that time is very difficult for mothers to handle the situation.

One thing is common in most of the children is that they respond well on good story. Inspiring stories always gives good reaction to your kid as well as to you. So always try to select inspiring child bedtime stories are not only help in sleeping but also help him in positive grooming.

the princess

Bedtime stories also give some kind of mature education, story tells your child about princess life, forest life, rich people life, sea life, mountain life and much more.

child bedtime stories

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You are supervised to hear according to my mom “when I was child I told you many beautiful child bedtime stories and within few months your creativity level is double and you have highest marks in mark”.

I was surprised at that time but now I implement this on my children’s and trust me I felling big different in them. They have not only creativity and good in math, as well as they have proper schedule for bedtime, for play time and for all other things. This is all due to child bedtime stories.


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