Top 50 Famous Bedtime Stories for Kids to Cheer with Family

Nowadays parents, especially mothers are worried about their children. Children didn’t want to sleep they need entertainment, so famous bedtime stories for kids is the best entertainment. Children also like this entertainment. Mother feels very relaxed because their children were going to bed on time.

Need for bedtime stories for kids

  • The child knows his night because he/she want to listen to the story.
  • The increase was listening and reading skills.
  • Develop discipline in kid’s life.
  • Famous bedtime stories help in brain grooming and knowledge building.

Bedtime stories for kids A City Village rat

Goodnight stories

The End

A modern and computerized world almost destroyed the life of kid’s whole day children play games on the internet, watch cartoons, movies, and dramas on television. Kids are not happy to play outdoor games, reading books, and it is almost impossible to stop kids from these digital things, but entrusting things always make entrust in kids and edit them to read stories.

Most of the children’s always want to listen to famous stories before sleeping; they want entertainment. It is the big problem for parents, in particular for mothers. She has not enough stamina to entertain the child whole night; that’s why most of the relatives in the world choose kid stories to fulfill the need of the children.

Stories selection

When child age is 2 to 6 years, in this age child, pick the things from their surrounding, and  these things effect on child nature whether they are right or wrong things. So parents must have to the try to select success, lesson, or funny stories for their children because it helps much to make the kid nature pleasant.

When children age is 7 to 10 years, children brain grooming started, so write a selection of bedtime stories for kids is critical, parents have to try to select rich and success people stories for their child because it will help’s the boy to become a productive and wealthy person.

Goodnight Stories

Every child says goodnight before going to bed to his parents, in the of result of it, kid excepts a goodnight stories from his mom. Mom always fulfills the exceptions because the mother has a God gifted to quality and have a lot of love for his children.

In this situation, the mother has not plotted of choices because he/she have much story ideas to entertain their children but still she manages because she love his kids, and she can do anything for the boy.

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Goodnight stories

Mom searches for the goodnight famous bedtime stories for kidsand gets much help as a search result which helps him to bring a smile on kid faces.

Bedtime stories for kids

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Do you know how your child is reading and listening caliber increase?

Famous bedtime stories for kids are the best and most important factor to increase the child listening and reading ability plus it gives one more thing which childlike and needs that is entertainment.

cat and rat


If show included in any work everyone loves to do that work whatever the work, whether it is study or any other in which student don’t like to participate.


The End


The main character of stories in rat and also playing a role of hero, these famous bedtime stories for kids give pure, and pleasure white is safe and attractive for kids. Kids enjoy these type of stories, and this provides good sleep to the child.

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